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The Most Important Room In The Home

Research Confirms That The Kitchen Is The Most Important Room In The Home. So have it decorated in a cute farmhouse decor, visit to get some tips for decorating.

It’s long been suspected that the kitchen is the most important room in the family home and now there’s proof. A new survey has revealed […]

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7 Biggest Mistakes Made When Refurbishing a Home

Here are the 7 biggest mistakes made when using builders

Don’t choose the wrong builder. Choose the right builder, one that has passion and attention to detail. A proven track record. Ask to see a property the builder has recently refurbished.
Do not automatically accept the cheapest quote. You need to remember that good quality […]

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Stop Studying Graphs.

I was talking to someone  last night who lives in the same house as his ancestors have for almost 500 years. This is old money, not hedge fund money, not investment banker money, not wide money and not foreign money. It’s good old fashioned money that’s still there because, in this case, over 20 generations […]

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The Importance of Effective Lighting

‘A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world.’ – Paul Lynde


Effective lighting is a key component of homes decorated in a minimalistic design style. Modern design’s emphasis on open space, clean lines and streamlined forms makes light fixtures that don’t take […]

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Bathroom Ideas

I’d rather be able to face myself in the bathroom mirror than be rich and famous – Ani DiFranco
Your bathroom is one of the places you spend a lot of time in – it should be special, here are some other reasons you should renovate your bathroom:
More value to your home

Often times when people […]

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Guest Blog: Oliver Bridge Architect: 3D Modelling

This model helped illustrate to our client how a new balcony would look.

Many Architects today can use modelling software to illustrate their work. The use of 3-D design software enables us to clearly present the design work and to understand and explain the spacial and physical relationships of the work both internally and externally.

Because […]

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Notting Hill, London – Refurbishment by Alexander Baxter Ltd

Our Client wanted a complete refurbishment on their property whilst they were away for three months.

They specifically said that they did not want to return to the work unfinished. Of course all works were completed in time.

Our client was delighted and actually cried on the phone when we spoke to them on  their return (through happiness) […]

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Crescent Place London SW3 – Refurbishment

Our Client: Max Mosley

The brief was to completely transform the cottage leaving only the outer skin. This included;

New floors
New roof
Polished concrete
Bespoke kitchen & bathrooms
Paint library colour scheme.

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Extension at Queens Park – Refurbishment

The full Design was in collaboration with our clients who wanted a contemporary ornamented space whilst complementing the integrity and style of this period house.

We had to make the extension invisible from street to appease planners.

Not only did we build the extension we also built an underground wine cellar and loft conversion.

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Queens Park – Refurbishment

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