I’d rather be able to face myself in the bathroom mirror than be rich and famous – Ani DiFranco

Your bathroom is one of the places you spend a lot of time in – it should be special, here are some other reasons you should renovate your bathroom:

More value to your home

Often times when people are selling their homes, they attempt renovations to improve the value. By doing a bathroom renovation, not only does it add value, but makes your home more attractive to purchase.

Wide selection of renovations

If you ever wanted to change your bathroom, there are multiple styles of bathtubs available. From the standard alcove bathtub to the luxurious platform bathtubs, there is a type of bathtub for everyone!

“Wow” factor

Ever walk into your bathroom and feel like “wow, this is boring”? Bathroom renovations specialists AB can help you transform your bathroom from boring to amazing. Featuring a wide selection of textures and colours to choose from, your dream bathroom renovation dreams can come true! Want to make your bathroom even more exciting? You can change your plain old countertop with some new marble or granite countertops to make your bathroom even more inviting!


Do you have an elderly person living at your home? Do you want your bathtub to be safer? A simple renovation such as a walk-in bathtub can be the solution to these troubles. Featuring slip resistant patterns on all bathtubs, you can be rest assured that anyone at any age can shower with an ease of mind.

Impressing guests

Whenever you want guests to come over to your home, you want to make them feel the most comfortable and cozy, but what about your bathroom? By doing a bathroom renovation, it not only makes your home that more impressive, but as well more opening to your guests. Imagine yourself hosting a dinner party and one of your guests needs to use the bathroom, suddenly they see a nicely renovated bathroom they are able to use. It makes their experience at your home that much better and they would be amazed at how well you take care of your home.

Overall, there are multiple reasons why one would want to renovate their bathroom. There are also many types of renovations one can do from bathtubs countertops. If you ever wanted to make your home to look even better, start by doing a bathroom renovation today!

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