‘A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world.’ – Paul Lynde


Effective lighting is a key component of homes decorated in a minimalistic design style. Modern design’s emphasis on open space, clean lines and streamlined forms makes light fixtures that don’t take up visual space or encroach upon the footprint of the room ideal. Wall lights provide a perfect way to add sophisticated style notes to minimalistic spaces, creating a stylish atmosphere and ensuring that a minimally decorated room doesn’t look cold and bare.

Wall Lights as a design statement

Wall lights can play a prominent role in minimilistic design, providing eye-catching focal points that add sparkling personality to the space. In minimalistic décor, it’s important that the space reflect the owner’s personal taste whilst maintaining the modern style. A wall light fixture that features a stylised pair of intertwined lilies expresses an appreciation for natural elegance. A modern sconce inset with decorative candles adds a note of classicism to the space.

Achieving Cohesive Design with Wall Lights

Wall lights also offer opportunities to unify the overall design of an interior. Whether it’s chic black chrome or antique brass, repeating finishes used in other furnishings and accessories in the space encourages the eye to take in the space as a whole. Shapes can be repeated as well. In minimally decorated rooms with curving forms, a simple wall sconce with a cylindrical shape reinforces the overall design.

Using Wall Lights for Striking Lighting Effects

In a minimally designed room, illumination is never merely functional. Whether to create a sense of serenity or to express a flair for drama, light can be used as a stylish tool to create atmosphere. Wall lights, spotlights and uplightsers installed on a wall may direct light on focal points like art work or accessories. They can be employed to create focal points of illumination as well, creating swimming pool restoration and light on the floor or adding soft ambience to walls.Minimal design calls for decorative strategies that add personality to an interior without compromising the modern aesthetic with unwanted clutter. Nothing adds warmth, depth and dimension to a minimally designed room like chic wall lights.

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