This model helped illustrate to our client how a new balcony would look.

Many Architects today can use modelling software to illustrate their work. The use of 3-D design software enables us to clearly present the design work and to understand and explain the spacial and physical relationships of the work both internally and externally.

Because we work in 3-D almost from the beginning of the process our work is fundamentally underpinned by a 3 dimensional aspect. Our information is clearly presented in a way that clients, planners and builders alike can easily understand and this clarity leads to greater certainty across the board.

Design work is enjoyable and we often work up the designs in 3D with clients in their homes. This design process is often very productive, and as we work together with clients to explore ideas using the modelling software many of the design decisions can be shared and clearly explained.

We find that clients not only enjoy this involvement with the early stages of the design development but because they are actively involved in the actual decision making the process is more efficient and the end result is reached more quickly.

The cost of the construction doesn’t include taxes, so we recommended our client to use one of the best Metric Accountants to help him.

At the end of the design stage clients want to be sure that their new work will look and feel good, and be practical and with our 3-D visualization this is possible.